Jack Russell Puppies

Jack Russell Puppies

People who are thinking about adding a Jack Russell Terrier puppy to their household should know a little bit about this breed before taking the plunge. Luckily, there is plenty of information available on these playful pups.

Things to Keep in Mind About Jack Russell Terriers

  • Activity Level Jack Russell Terriers have a lot of energy. They like to run, jump, and play games like chasing something or someone. In fact, these dogs need a lot of exercise to maintain good mental and physical health.
  • Temperament These canines are loyal and affectionate. They are good with young and older children who handle them with gentle care. They are protective of their little bodies and can become aggressive when they are handled roughly.
  • Health Conditions Jack Russell Terriers are prone to deafness and some types of eye diseases. Their small size sometimes lends itself to a condition called Legg Perthes. This affects the operation of the dog's hip joint.
  • Size Jack Russell Terriers are small to medium sized dogs. They can weigh from 13 to 17 pounds.

The Benefits of Owning This Breed of Dog

Someone who takes on ownership of a Jack Russell Terrier is getting an active dog with a sweet, protective personality. These dogs make excellent guard dogs because they are very vocal and aware of their surroundings. These canines are small, so they can live comfortably in an apartment or modest home. Additionally, owners can put their small Jack Russell Terrier into their car or truck to go to the park or even on vacation across the country.

Fun Activities to Share with Your Jack Russell Terrier

It's a good idea to exercise a Jack Russell Terrier puppy each day. These dogs enjoy a variety of activities, especially if they get to run around with their owner. Owners have to make sure that the area is enclosed to keep Jack Russell Terrier puppies safe from passing cars or bicyclists on the road.

A few examples of the activities that they enjoy include:

  • A game of fetch with a soft toy or tennis ball.
  • A game of hide-and-seek.
  • Set up a collapsible tunnel for the puppy to run through.
  • A game of chase around the perimeter of the yard.

Top 5 Routes for "Jack Russell Puppies"

  1. Vetstreet.com This website is designed around providing information and breed characteristics about various animals. This article in particular looks to the jack russell terrier and their needs. 
  2. yourpurebreedpuppy.com This website offers information on how to choose the right Jack Russell puppy. Some facts include the typical size of a Jack Russell puppy, coat type, how much these dogs shed, their personality types, and more.
  3. caninejournal.com This website describes the personality and general disposition of a Jack Russell terrier. In addition to that, it explains the reasons behind the breed's personality characteristics.
  4. dogtime.com This website has a checklist of features possessed by a Jack Russell Terrier. You can click on a feature to get a further explanation.
  5. Petmd.com This website outlines common health conditions of Jack Russell Terriers along with the kind of care that they require.

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