Buying Puppies

A Guide to Buying Puppies

Almost anyone that enjoys interacting with animals loves at least one thing about puppies. In America today, more households own a dog than any other type of pet, and this trend probably isn't going to change any time soon. However, to get the best experience for both the owner and the potential puppy, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • What a dog can do for their owner
  • What a dog needs done for them
  • What health and safety aspects need to be considered
  • What type of dog fits the prospective owner's age, location, and lifestyle

Advantages of Dog Ownership

Dogs are fun, loyal, and loving creatures that offer many benefits to their owners, from being a friend to reducing stress levels and limiting household allergens. Whether a person is looking for a strong long-term companion or just a cute playmate to come home to, dogs are one of the best options, and raising them from puppies typically yields the best results.

Disadvantages of Dog Ownership

Dogs require a large amount of time and patience, especially when raising and training a puppy. They also require their home, both in- and outdoors, to be maintained to fit the needs of their breed. Not to mention the cost and time investments of grooming, hygiene, exercise, and medication/vet checkups.

Health and Safety Tips Before You Buy

A puppy will need all of these things to have to have the happiest and easiest homecoming. Before even looking for puppies for sale online or around town, it's important to have:

  • Food and water bowls, food that fits their nutritional needs, and a place to store their food
  • A collar, leash, and identification tag
  • A comfortable dog bed
  • Potty training pads and/or waste bags
  • A crate or carrier if they need to travel long distances
  • Treats for incentivising positive behavior
  • Chew toys to prevent destruction of electronics and furnitire
  • Canine toothpaste, flea and tick medication, and possibly vitamins
  • Shampoo, nail clippers, and a brush

Choosing a Breed

One of the most important things to consider when looking for a puppy is its breed. Apart from simply how it looks, a dog's breed determines its size, behavior, and health risks. Larger dogs will need either a large house or to be outside often, and energetic dogs will need opportunities to release their energy through playing or running. Research the needs of different breeds to find the best fit.

Where to Find Puppies for Sale

It's easier than ever to find a puppy in today's world. Along with those selling dogs in parking lots, there are many verified websites that provide puppy purchasing services, necessary supplies, and important information. A quick search on Craigslist or Google Maps could even find the perfect puppy nearby.

Top 5 Routes for "Buying Puppies"

  1. Pedigree's Dog Breed Selector Quiz This is a 17-question quiz designed to help find the right dog for a person's wants, abilities, and limitations.
  2. New Puppy Checklist This is a list of everything a puppy needs, as well as links to an online store to quickly and easily purchase the perfect combination for any dog.
  3. Adoptable Dogs from ASPCA This website allows for a tailored search of adoptable dogs registered by the ASPCA by breed, distance, age, and more.
  4. PuppyFind This site offers a keyword search as well as options for specific sizes, upkeep, and purposes, and the puppies can even be shipped by air!
  5. Adoptapet This website, sponsored by Purina and Petco, is a great way to find puppies in local shelters that are looking for a loving home.

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