Buying dogs locally

Most potential dog buyers ask, "How can I find dogs for sale near me? Where do I start?" Buying a new dog can be a challenging experience. Fortunately, there are plenty of online resources out there to guide potential buyers and help them find local dog breeders, shelters and rescue organizations for their dog purchase. The best way to approach the process is to do the necessary research and then map out a plan to find the right dog without wasting valuable time.

New Dog Considerations

The potential buyer looking for a new dog should consider the type of dog they want to buy. Will it be a purebred or a mixed-heritage dog? A potential buyer's lifestyle should definitely be a factor in the ultimate choice of dog to buy.

Cost is another big consideration. Purebred dogs can be very expensive, especially if purchased with reputable breeders. But adopting a dog, no matter the pedigree, is by far a cheaper option. Free is even better. Potential buyers should have a spending range in mind if looking for a specific registered purebred.

Benefits Buying a Dog Locally

The benefits of finding a new dog locally are obvious. The additional costs of traveling far to obtain a dog means taking time off from work and additional expenses for gas, lodging and food. Further, if the new dog does not work out, it may be difficult to return it, assuming there is a return policy.

Things to Look for When Buying a Dog

The potential buyer should consider the following when searching for a dog to purchase:

  • Do not purchase a puppy from a pet store or puppy mill
  • Do not pay a security deposit if the seller refuses to give permission to visit and meet the puppy first
  • Always pick up the puppy at the breeder's to view the current conditions of the establishment and see how the puppy is being cared for
  • Ask to see complete medical and registration papers before making a purebred purchase
  • It's best and safest to buy from registered breeders

If a potential buyer is open to purchasing a dog of any pedigree, local animal shelters and rescue organizations also have dogs and puppies that are both purebreds and mixed heritage. Adopting a dog through shelter and rescues is a viable, low-cost alternative that gives a dog a good home and helps these facilities with operating costs. Most shelters and rescues also have return policies if the dog does not blend well in the new household.

Top 5 Routes for "Buying dogs locally"

  1. American Kennel Club If searching for registered purebreds, start here to find locally registered breeders. The AKC only lists reputable and registered breeders. Plus, they conduct breeder facility inspections and requires their breeders to conform to the AKC rules and regulations. However, be aware that potential buyers will pay much more for AKC puppies, but that elevated price does include assurance of pedigree, health and temperament of a AKC puppy purchase.
  2. Breeder's Club This website is a classified ad platform for breeders. Potential buyers can search by state to find local sellers in their area. While not nearly as stringent as the AKC, diligent potential buyers can find good deals locally.
  3. Pet Classifieds This is another classified ad website. To find more listings for dogs locally, potential buyers should just enter their state in the search bar. Entering specific keywords may not give optimum results.
  4. ASPCA The ASPCA, or the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals website is a great resource if a potential owner wants to adopt a dog from their local shelter or rescue organization.
  5. Puppy Finder This search engine is another option for finding local breeders, shelters and rescue organizations for any type of dog.

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