Bichon Frise Puppies

Bichon Frise are a popular choice for people looking to adopt or purchase a new puppy. Bichons are small and affectionate. They love to cuddle and thus are excellent companion dogs. Luckily there are many resources on-line which can help one determine if a Bichon is the right breed of puppy for themselves or their family.

Characteristics of Bichon Frise

When deciding if a Bichon is the right choice, one must look at several factors:

  • Physical Traits All Bichon Frise puppies are white in color; however, some may be a cream or pale yellow color. A Bichon puppy will remain small into adulthood with the largest of the breed reaching only about a foot tall. Their coat is soft and fluffy; resembling cotton. Bichons do not shed and while no dog is 100% hypoallergenic; this breed is one that allergy suffers tend to tolerate well.
  • Temperament Bichon puppies are friendly, curious, and playful; they love to be the center of attention. This breed tends to suffer from separation anxiety when left alone for long periods of time. They are also great companions for children and are friendly with other dogs.
  • Grooming Requirements Because they do not shed, Bichons require frequent professional grooming, and one should expect to pay for professional grooming at least every couple of months. In addition, owners will need to brush their puppy's coat at least twice a week to avoid mats and tangles which can cause skin problems.
  • Training Bichon puppies are usually difficult to housebreak and so consistent crate training is necessary. However, other than housebreaking, Bichons are not difficult to train because they are not dominate dogs.
  • Exercise Needs Although Bichons are small lap dogs, they still are energetic and need exercise. Bichons do well in small homes or apartments but still need adequate exercise. Walking the puppy once or twice a day should meet their requirements provided that they have a bit of room to romp about during the day.
  • Health Issues/Life Span As a breed, Bichons are considered to be generally healthy. Skin issues are the most common health concern typical to this breed. A Bichon will generally live for twelve to fifteen years.

Consider Adoption

Because Bichons are such charming and cute puppies, many people buy them who are unprepared to properly provide the care required. As a result, there are many Bichon puppies in need of homes that are available for adoption. There are several breed specific adoption organizations. The links below provide more information on adoption as well as other resources for those interested in this breed.

Top 5 Routes for "Bichon Frise Puppies"

  1. American Kennel Club Bichon This link is for the Bichon Frise page of the American Kennel Club. Here can be found more detailed information about Bichons.
  2. Bichon Frise Club of America The mission of the Bichon Frise Club of America is to advance and protect the interests of the breed through events, education, research and rescue. The organization is also the guardian of the breed and sets the breed standards.
  3. Bichon Frise Information Station This page is a one stop information library for all things related to this breed.
  4. Small Paws Rescue This is the rescue organization for Bichon Frise. It also includes resources to assist those interested in finding a puppy to adopt.
  5. The Bichon Frise Reporter The Bichon Frise Reporter is a quarterly magazine where one can find information about top breeders, exhibitors, show dogs, stud dogs, puppies, products, and etc.

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