These are compact and lively dogs. They are highly competitive in dog shows and are also very popular home companions. These dogs are very poor at tolerating solitude. When left alone, you can expect them to get very uneasy. There is a lot you need to know about them before you get one for yourself.

Pomeranian Characteristics

  • Thick Double Coat These dog breeds have a double coat. The outer coat is rough and long, while the inner one is soft, short, and thick. Shedding occurs seasonally. Generally, grooming is simple for dogs of this breed. You will need to groom it weekly and trim the coat at least once every two months. When this dog is shedding, tangles form easily, and you will have to groom it daily.
  • Temperament They are quite calm. However, if untrained, the dog will bark at almost anything foreign. They can also get very aggressive with other dogs and other people since they are over protective. With their high intelligence, they will be quick to notice any new things in their environment and such changes can trigger them. That said, they will learn to stay calm after you train them properly.
  • Appearance Dogs of this breed are small and compact. On average, they weigh about six pounds. They have a sturdy appearance and have very little exercising needs. Also, these dogs come in a wide range of colors. Today, the most common colors of this breed are orange, white and black.
  • Training As mentioned, these pets are highly intelligent. This makes it very easy to train the dog on how to behave well. When introduced to your house, they might need to be crate trained. Owners of these dogs also enjoy training them to perform tricks on command. You will have a harder time training him to sit since the dog is quite stubborn.
  • Play They get along with people, as long as you have trained them well. It is still advisable to supervise their playtime with kids. They don't always get along with other dogs and should also be supervised when they interact with foreign pets. These dogs are usually unable to spend long periods alone. If you need some space, you can train them to play with toys. It is important to make sure the toys are safe if you are not going to be around for supervision.

Benefits of these Dogs

  • They quickly adapt to new environments
  • Can tolerate cold weather
  • Are great for inexperienced dog owners
  • Are highly affectionate with the owner's family
  • Are intelligent and easy to train
  • Have low exercise needs

Top 5 Routes for "Pomeranian"

  1. Dogtime.com This site contains details on many dog breeds. The article on these dogs in highly detailed and gives star ratings for all the traits of the dog. Also, the site owner conveniently lists various rescue centers for these dog types at the bottom of the page.
  2. Akc.org Besides giving details on the breed, this page includes links to pages with interesting facts on the dog. It will also allow you to see how compatible you are with the breed.
  3. Vetstreet.com Through this page, you will learn how you can adopt this dog type from a rescue center. It also helps you understand how you can correctly choose a dog of this breed.
  4. Petpom.com This site uses the opinions of various dog owners to develop charts. That will give you a realistic picture of what kind of a dog this is. Almost all the information given about this dog is obtained directly from dog owners. Also, you can sign up for their mailing list to get updates when new articles or information is added to their site.
  5. Petwave.com This page includes a slide show of these types of dogs. You can visit the site to learn more about the dog, and to see how attractive these dogs can be. The site also gives details on the common health issues faced by these pets.

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