Pitbull Puppies

Although this dog's breed name is American Pit Bull Terrier, it's known by most as simply a pitbull. For someone unfamiliar with pitbulls, the large of amount of controversy regarding pitbulls may raise concerns; however, to most pitbull owners, this dog represents affection, intelligence, and love. By doing a little reading and research, this wonderful breed may get the credit he or she deserves.

Overview of the Pitbull

The pitbull, which was originally a mixture of bulldog and terrier, has grown to be one of the most popular dogs around. Their loyalty, intelligence, and courage have made them invaluable as therapy animals, search and rescue dogs, service dogs, livestock workers, and all-around great family pets.

Their excellent conformation, stability, and agility make them perfect candidates for organized dog sports and competitions. Below are some basic facts on pitbulls.

  • When socialized early, pitbulls make excellent companions for children and other pets.
  • They only require bathing when necessary, making them a low-maintenance dog.
  • They are happy both indoors and outdoors.
  • They are extremely friendly and affectionate with family members.
  • Mouthiness is very common with pitbulls, although they mean no harm.
  • Average lifespan for pitbulls is 12 to 16 years.
  • Pitbulls are very easy to train.
  • Pitbulls can weigh from 30 to 85 pounds.

Where to Find Pitbull Puppies for Sale

Despite, or maybe because of, all the controversy regarding pitbulls, this dog continues to be a very popular dog and one that many try to buy. Generally, the first place people go when they want to purchase something is the Internet.

Saving money and convenience are the two main reasons most shop online; however, purchasing a pitbull requires more diligence. Here are a few tips shoppers should try to follow when looking for pitbull puppies for sale both in person and online.

  • A health guarantee should be offered or provided by the seller.
  • Shoppers should not give any money without first seeing the dog.
  • Both parents of the puppy should be viewed if possible.
  • If the parents have 'issues', chances are the puppy may develop them as well.
  • Shoppers should only purchase from reputable pitbull breeders
  • Pitbulls should not be purchased from pet stores or puppy mills.
  • Reputable breeders can provide references.
  • If it appears that the pitbull puppy has issues, shoppers shouldn't buy into the fact that the dog will outgrow them. They shouldn't buy the dog.

The links below provide valuable information on purchasing pitbull puppies. Some of them also provide information on pitbull breeders.

Top 5 Routes for "Pitbull Puppies"

  1. American Kennel Club This website is not just for individuals who have registered pitbulls. It provides readers with a lot of helpful information on not just pitbulls but other breeds as well. Owners who do have registerable pitbulls can register them online and view their dog's pedigree.
  2. Dogtime This site is not only a site to help potential owners find and adopt a pitbull but is also a site filled with helpful information on raising and training the pitbull. It also offers a lot of information on dog health.
  3. petMD Known to many as the online go-to site for any and all health questions regarding a pet, petMD also offers information on treating pet emergencies, feeding tips, and general pet care. Readers can also chat with vets while on the site and have questions answered. The site offers info on pitbulls and many other dog breeds.
  4. American Pit Bull Registry This site is not just a place where pitbull owners can register their dog. It also acts as a social networking site where pitbull owners can communicate. The site's genealogy tracker enables registered pitbull owners to track their dog's pedigree,
  5. Bull Dog Breeds This site offers an extensive overview of the pit bull complete with photos, games, and articles on feeding, training, and raising pitbulls as well as a forum for pitbull owners to communicate. The site also lists possible pitbull breeders.

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