Husky Puppies

Husky Puppies for Sale

Deciding to get a husky puppy is a big decision for a family, and there are a lot of things to consider. Finding husky puppies for sale can seem like a lot of work, but luckily, there are a lot of online resources to help.

Considerations for Husky Puppies

Families should consider the following things before looking for a husky puppy:

  • Size Puppies don't stay little forever, so size is an important factor when getting a dog. The average adult Siberian husky has a shoulder height of 2 feet and weighs 60 pounds. As a bigger dog, it's important for Siberian huskies to have adequate room to run around for exercise. Huskies were bred to pull sleds through snow. As a result, modern-day huskies need a high level of physical activity, which makes them great jogging partners or toddler playmates.
  • Temperament Huskies are social dogs that typically do well with children and other dogs. However, huskies do not get along well with smaller animals, such as cats, unless they have specific training. Huskies were bred to be part of a pack, so they readily become part of the family and are great watchdogs for the home.
  • Care Huskies have dense outer coats that require weekly brushing. They typically live 10 to 14 years, and while generally healthy, they are prone to eye issues and cancer later in life. Huskies are great for training and love physical activity. Despite their large size, these dogs were bred to require very little food in the Siberian winters, so they eat smaller portions.

Benefits of a Husky Puppy

Huskies are a playful and good-natured breed, which makes them a great match for children. They are very independent-minded dogs and have lots of interesting personality quirks. They are a surprisingly clean breed, love to be around people and are capable of learning tricks and commands.

Where to Find Husky Puppies for Sale

Husky puppies can be found through breeders. These puppies come with papers showing pedigree, so a family can know for sure that their puppy is a husky. However, husky puppies can also be found through classified ads, buy-sell-trade groups or adopted from shelters.

Top 5 Routes for "Husky Puppies"

  1. This website lists husky puppies from American Kennel Club-listed breeders that follow AKC's strict rules and regulations. The site is easily navigated and includes pictures, ages and parentage of pups.
  2. This website connects breeders to families looking for a husky puppy. Each breeder is screened to PuppySpot standards before dogs are listed on the site. The website is easy to navigate and features headshots, names, genders and ages of pups on the main page with an option to click to learn more.
  3. This website gives a comprehensive look at the positive and negative traits associated with huskies so that families can make an informed decision on whether a dog will fit in with their lifestyle. A search box allows the families to look up available husky puppies in their area
  4. - This website provides all kinds of information on the Siberian Husky and their needs. Before adopting, it's a good idea to know everything about their style, including how to train them and their specific fencing needs. 
  5. This site provides detailed information on the history of the Siberian husky breed as well as temperament, size and other features characteristic of the puppies. The website's search feature allows families to look for puppies based on size, purpose or upkeep to find the right dog for their needs.

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