Doberman Puppies

Doberman Pinscher puppies are so cute and adorable, loyal, and protective. Here are a few facts about one of the most well-known breeds before a puppy decision is made.

What to know about Doberman Pinscher puppies

Start training the puppy immediately

They are extremely intelligent even at eight weeks old and capable of learning. Puppy training classes are suggested by 10 to 12 weeks old so the puppy can learn to socialize. Make sure vaccines are always up to date, especially kennel cough, before classes. If formal training is not possible, the puppy should be socialized at home amongst family and friends

Talk to a breeder

Once a breeder understands a person's lifestyle and personality, they can make remarkably accurate recommendations. Puppies with parents who have good personalities and are well socialized are the best pick.

Ask about genetic health problems

Always insist on a health guarantee on puppies. A reputable breeder will be honest about the breed as well as any that have occurred in their lines.

The most dangerous health problem in Dobermans is cardiomyopathy or enlarged heart. So, a health exam every year is highly suggested.

Cervical vertebral instability (CVI) or Wobbler's syndrome is also a breed-related disease. This is a malformation in the vertebrae that causes weakness in the back-side, even complete paralysis.

Owning and raising a Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman is reputed to be a vicious guard-dog and this can be true, depending on training. They make excellent police and tracking dogs. However, lovers of the breed insist they are also loving, loyal companions and great family dogs with tons of affection. The Doberman Pinscher strives for human contact and usually does extremely well with children and other pets. Contrary to some, they are very stable and loving dog - unless you threaten their family.

This breed is right as long as the owner is ready to be a leader, consistently train him and allow lots of exercise that will work his intelligence as well as his body. So much so, the lack of human interaction and exercise may lead to lots of barking and destructive behavior out of simple boredom.

Known as a fantastic guard dog, not only does a Doberman Pinscher protect its family, they seem to be able to even anticipate danger. They are not incorrect very often. This is another reason that socializing is vastly important so that guests that come to the owner's home are not met with suspicion by him, thereby, possibly aggression.

Breed Characteristics (scale of 1 - 5)

  • 5 - Adaptability
  • 3 - Dog Friendly
  • 3 - Shedding level
  • 5 - Affection level
  • 3 - Exercise needs
  • 3 - Social needs
  • 5 - Apartment friendly
  • 1 - Grooming needs
  • 1 - Stranger friendly
  • 2 - Barking tendencies
  • 4 - Health
  • 5 - Territorial
  • 3 - Cat friendly
  • 5 - Intelligence
  • 5 - Trainability
  • 4 - Child friendly
  • 4 - Playfulness

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  4. This website will give more facts and stats on the Doberman breed, including the interesting origin of the dog in Germany.
  5. This website for the American Kennel Club will hand out the facts about Dobermans, their history, their characteristics and standards.

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