Chihuahua Puppy

Chihuahua History

Chihuahuas are the most well-known small dog breed in the world. They are famous for their toy-like proportions, sassy attitudes and popularity among celebrities. While the modern-day version of the Chihuahua developed in Mexico, there is some speculation about where they truly originated. Whether they arrived with Spanish Conquistadors or grew alongside the people of Chihuahua, Mexico, Chihuahuas are now an officially-recognized show breed and excellent family pets.

Those looking into purchasing a Chihuahua puppy should familiarize themselves with a basic breed overview. Chihuahua puppies will require a lot of attention due to their build and behaviors. Below is a summary of Chihuahua puppy groundwork and what prospective owners should expect.

Basic Info

Chihuahua puppies will have these distinct features:

  • Tiny body (between 3 and 6 pounds)
  • Smooth, short-hair coat
  • Energetic but affectionate temperament
  • Small diet


Chihuahuas are the smallest dogs in the world. The American Kennel Club does not recognize Chihuahuas over 6 pounds. Puppies are usually about the size of a kitten, and should be raised in a warm, controlled environment. Puppies should not be separated from their mothers before eight weeks old.


Generally, Chihuahuas are short-hair dogs. Some variations feature slightly longer fur around the ears, legs and tail, but neither type requires much grooming. Short-hair Chihuahuas do not require fur clipping and will not shed much. Long-hair Chihuahuas may need an occasional brushing or trim, but are also quite easy to maintain.

On the flip side, because their coats are so thin and they do not naturally store much body fat, Chihuahuas are sensitive to the cold. They prefer warm temperatures and may require extra padding to keep warm in winter. (Yes, that means little sweaters!)


While Chihuahuas may be tiny, their personalities are enormous. Their "big dog" mindset gives them a confidence boost and a natural dominance which makes them surprisingly good watchdogs - even as puppies. Their loud, yipping bark and protective instinct will help them defend their territory, whether it be a small apartment or a sprawling back yard. They get along with children and other dogs once they are peaceably acquainted.

Chihuahuas have lots of energy. Puppies need at least 30 minutes of activity each day. Developing a walking and playing routine will prevent puppies from becoming bored or lazy.


Like all puppies, young Chihuahuas need regular shots and vet appointments. They can easily succumb to hypoglycemia without proper feeding schedules. Puppies should eat four times a day, adolescents three times a day and adults twice a day. Owners should keep close watch on their Chihuahua puppy for sluggishness or lethargy.

Top 5 Routes for "Chihuahua Puppy"

  1. The American Kennel Club This organization is dedicated to providing official information about professionally-registered dog breeds in the U.S. Their page on Chihuahuas gives basic details about the breed, including a helpful, in-depth section about health.
  2. The Chihuahua Club of America This website gives complete information about Chihuahuas in the dog-show business. It includes show-specific requirements all Chihuahuas must fulfill to meet winning status and to be included in official Chihuahua registries.
  3. VetStreet This site specializes in pet care information. They provide a helpful chart about Chihuahua characteristics and also give detailed descriptions about their history, personalities, health, grooming and where to buy Chihuahua puppies.
  4. DogTime This page gives owners helpful information about adopting a Chihuahua or puppy. DogTime overviews the breed on everything from their playful tendencies to their specific health-related problems and solutions. Their handy star-chart gives a quick guide to breed characteristics.
  5. The Nest This charming website provides straightforward advice on how to care for Chihuahua puppies. Their site also gives links to related articles for almost every aspect of Chihuahua ownership.

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