Bully Puppies

The Bully Breed

Although the name might put some people off, bully dogs are generally friendly and sociable dogs. American Bully dogs are a variety specifically bred for the wide, stocky chest, short legs, and low hindquarters. They come in three sizes: standard, pocket, and XL. Bully dogs originated from a broad mix of European bull-fighting dogs, including the bull terrier, box terrier, and bulldog. Similar breeds include the Boston Terrier and the American Pit Bull.

Why "Bully"?

Bully dogs and their close relatives, especially pit bulls, unfortunately have an untrustworthy and violent reputation. According to Animal Planet, this most likely stemmed from association with blood sports in the 1800s and gang violence after the 1950s. As the American Bully dog came into being, the nickname stuck. This; however, has no real correlation to their temperament. Like any dog with a positive and responsible upbringing, bullies are excellent family pets and are good with children. Some of the myths people spread about bully dogs, like locking jaws, the inability to feel pain and an overwhelming blood-lust are just that: myths.

Before You Buy

There is always a need for bully puppy adoptions. Some will grow into magnificent show dogs, but they also make great guard dogs and pets. Before looking into bully puppies for sale, potential buyers should know these key points:

  • Bully dogs are NOT overly aggressive or dangerous.
  • Become familiar with the dog's past; abused dogs are harder to handle and will require extra attention and treatment.
  • Bully dogs require lots of exercise, at least thirty minutes a day.
  • Know the laws: many apartment buildings and neighborhoods will not allow bully dogs thanks to prevalent myths. Proper research is necessary before purchasing a bully puppy.
  • Bullies are friendly. They love kids and can get along well with other dogs if they have the proper training.
  • Know the breeding. Purebred bully dogs will have official paperwork from a licensed breeder to reassure the buyer of quality bloodlines. Cross-breeds can look extremely similar, but will lack some of the more show-worthy characteristics.

Top 5 Routes for "Bully Puppies"

Below are the top five websites for legitimate bully puppy sales.

  1. PuppyFinder This website displays bully puppy sales from sellers all over the United States. Breeders and individuals post their puppy's profile on the main website, listing information that includes class, gender, age, and price. PuppyFinder verifies sellers' I.D.s to make purchasing as safe as possible for both the buyers and the puppies.
  2. PetClassifieds This website is a third-party host that allows users to upload free classified ads, for puppy sales, including American Bullies. Users can browse based on location and price range. The sellers provide the puppy's location, class, age, gender, etc. Potential buyers can contact the sellers directly and can see whether or not the seller's account has been verified as a reliable resource. The site also offers multiple payment method based on preference.
  3. PuppyFind PuppyFind is a straightforward website that lists bully puppy sales in no particular order. Users upload their puppy's profile with the gender, birth date, and price, but they also list whether or not the puppy has champion bloodlines, a champion sire, and if they have any show potential.
  4. Hoobly Classifieds Hoobly allows buyers to search for puppies by country, including the United States, Australia, Canada, Germany, Spain, and the Bahamas. This website has no particular template sellers need to fill out, but it does allow buyers to contact the sellers directly.
  5. EasyPetMD If you're interested in more information about the Bully breed, this source can provide it. It includes plenty of infomration, going from the basics to their potential health issues that will need to be looked after. The entire history of the breed is also provided. 

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