Buying Sphynx Cat

Originating in Canada in the 1960s, Sphynx cats are beautiful hairless cats that love to play and thrive on attention. Buying a Sphynx cat is a major investment, so cat lovers should be sure they know what they are getting into before finding a Sphynx cat for sale. This article will look into things to know before buying one of these cats and where to find one when ready.

What to Know Before Buying a Sphynx Cat

Sphynx cats may look amazing, but they have some specific needs that must be met if brought home. These cats need to be groomed at least once a week. This is because, while Sphynx cats groom themselves as much as cats with fur do, they do not have enough fur to absorb the oil secreted by their glands or the saliva they produce to groom themselves. Without the fur to absorb the oil and saliva, the cats' effort to groom themselves sometimes leaves a sticky or crusty residue on their skin made of saliva, sweat, and oil. In this way, one can consider the Sphynx cat to be much like a baby: close to the ground, hairless, and unable to properly groom itself. There are a few other requirements of owning a Sphynx cat that should be also mentioned, namely dealing with their temperament and controlling the climate in the home.



The spynx cat must be bathed at least once a week, preferably in a medicated shampoo that will help make sure any bacteria on their skin is killed and not upset their skin's balance. Reputable breeders work with their Sphynx cats early in their life to ensure they are acclimated to weekly baths. If a breeder has not done this, it is best to move on to a different one. Once a Sphynx cat enters a home, it should get regular baths to keep up its training and be given treats during and after the bath to help keep bath time a happy one.

Ear Cleaning

Because Sphynx cats do not have hair in their ear canal, dirt and debris can build up in their ears quite quickly. Also, their ears produce a dark ear wax in plentiful amounts. The substance can stain fabric, particularly on clothes and furniture. To prevent the wax from blocking the cat's ear canals or getting all over the house, cleaning the Sphynx's ears out with a specialized ear cleaner and cotton swab several times a week is a must. This job can be rather unpleasant and cat lovers who are grossed out by the idea of cleaning out huge amounts of ear wax every week should not buy a hairless cat.

Nail clipping

When the bath is finished, the sphynx cat's nails should be trimmed to keep them from getting too sharp. This is done directly after the bath because the nails will be softer and easier to clip at this point. Another thing that should be done at every bath is cleaning between the toes, where residue can build up over time.


People who buy Sphynx cats say they are extremely friendly, love to talk, and require attenton and love. They will greet their owners at the door when they come home and demand attention, flirting for extra if need be. However, Sphynx cats are also capable of entertaining themselves for hours, especially if there are two of them.


Sphynx cats are well-known for being cuddly. This is partly because they are seeking extra warmth, but it is also because they love to snuggle with their favorite people and get attention. Unusually alert and attentive, the Sphynx makes a great playmate. Some of them like a good game of fetch or chase. This cat does not particularly like being carried or pet a great deal, preferring to sit in a lap without petting. These warmth-seeking cats also love to sleep under the covers with their owners.


Talkative to a fault, this cat is not for people who think silence is golden. Some Sphynx cats talk almost non-stop and will cry for attention. They can get quite loud in their demands and even talk while eating. One could almost say that they hold a conversation with their owners.

Needs Love

The Sphynx cat prospers on love and friendship and should not be left alone. If left alone, this breed of cat has the tendency to get depressed and sometimes stop eating. Purchasing two cats of this breed is a good idea if the owner works out of the home and will be gone long hours. The cats will snuggle and play together happily. If two sphynxes are in the home, they often go everywhere together to offer moral support to one another and keep each other's company, particularly if they are in a new home. Once the cats start to explore the home on their own, the owner can rest assured they are well-acclimated to their new placement.

Climate Control

Because of the Sphynx's lack of fur, the climate in the home should be a warm, dry one. The warmth will keep the Sphynx from getting too cold and thus lethargic, and the dryness will help with the cat's skin condition.

Where to Find Sphynx Cats for sale

Sphynx cats can be found through many breeders around the world. Looking for one in a specific area can be as easy as searching a favorite search engine for a breeder nearby. They can occasionally also be found on, though expect competition to be steep for these low-cost adoptions! There are also a few Sphynx rescue groups. Anyone looking to adopt a rescue Sphynx should know that these cats may have been abused or neglected, and are probably not the best choice for a beginner to the breed.

Top 5 Routes for "Buying Sphynx Cat"

  1. Cat Fanciers' Association - Breed Profile This is the best place to learn about the Sphynx breed before purchasing one. It gives the history of the cat, its personality and temperament, and information about caring for the breed. It also gives some good links to other pages about Sphynxes.
  2. TICA Sphynx Breeders This website provides a list of reputable breeders. All of them have signed the TICA Code of Ethics. Unfortunately, TICA does not have the resources to check each cattery before listing them, but a cat lover should check on the history and championship of any cat they want to purchase anyway.
  3. Sphynx Open Arms Rescue This website is a gathering of Sphynx owners and lovers. They rehome cats of the breed that can no longer be cared for properly by their owners. They also will share information with other rescue organizations and with individuals interested in caring for a Sphynx.
  4. LiLNudists Sphynx This Sphynx breeder is one of the most reputable in the United States. They own catteries in multiple states so that no matter where a Sphynx lover lives, their cats are not too far away. April Arguin, owner of LiLNudists, says that they have a great team of breeders and have highly prized and superiorly bred cats. Because they are in many catteries, they also almost always have a Sphynx cat for sale.
  5. Hooligans Sphynx and Bambinos Another great cat breeder, Hooligans is both TICA- and CFA-registered and has strong, beautiful cats of the breed. They are located in California. Their cats are hand-delivered from out of the country to keep the bloodline diverse and as medically sound as possible.

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